Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs - River Expedition

Bring your appetite for adventure because we’re headed for Swallow Falls!

Created by the FLDSMDFR - the latest food-creating invention by Flint Lockwood, Swallow Falls is a world where food and animals combine to create fascinating new species with their own ecosystem! Set sail on a splashingly fun and adventurous river expedition before heading deep into the heart of the lush jungle. Riders will get up close and personal with this phenomenal foodimal world… but keep an eye out for Steve the monkey who has gone astray!

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Note: Booking is subject to availability

Ride Information

Height Restriction

105 cm or taller. Children between 105cm and 130cm must be accompanied by a supervising companion


QFast accepted

Mobility Disabilities

Must be able to transfer to the ride vehicle seating with assistance